Tommy Joy - Performing Music from the Great American Songbook
Photo by Anna Cary
 Tommy Joy, through his music and interviews has elevated my shows to another level. His voice is a rich blend of the great American Pop/Jazz song stylists from the 1930s to the 1960s. Matter of fact, I often joke with Tommy, that he was lost in a time warp. Luckily for us, the world spun back around to him and the beauty of those great standards.
I think Tommy actually missed the whole Elvis, Beatles, and rock and roll thing;and please don't tell him, that while other kids were singing "Hound Dog", Tommy Joy was singing "Moonlight in Vermont".
Tommy's piano and vocal stylings have brought him to the White House for two Presidents.
Quality songs never go out of style.

Don Giovanni
WNWR Radio
Philadelphia, PA
 Nobody sings the Great American Songbook better than Tommy Joy.
Joe Campbell
WDOS Radio
New York
 The warmth and humanity that Tommy expresses as a human being comes across wonderfully in his singing on this CD. Tommy's choice of songs is impeccable, as is the honesty of his delivery.
Michael Lund
President of Serendipity Records; Reviewing Tommy Joy's CD "I'm Glad There is You"
Hard at work at the Belvedere 13th Floor in Baltimore.
"I've Got the World On a String" in Tampa.

Tommy Joy uses NO pre-recorded music in his performances.